Membership of Clubs Hastings is open to anyone aged over 18. Plus we have a junior membership from age 15. Please fill out a membership form (link below) and return to the Office Monday – Friday 11am – 4.30pm

Opening Hours
  • Bar:
    Sunday – Monday
    11am – 8pm
    Tuesday – Saturday
    10am – Late
  • Hi-Viz Bar (tradies bar):
    Tuesday – Friday
    from 2pm
    from 10am
  • Restaurant:
    Clubs Meals available from open to late.
    Dining Room, dependent on bookings. 
  • Office: 
    11am – 5pm
    Tuesday – Friday
    10am – 5pm
We are a family friendly club, so:

  • A high standard of dress is required
  • NO work boots (ok in the Hi-viz bar)
  • NO torn or soiled clothing
  • NO singlets or tank-tops
  • NO gang related tattoos etc. to be visible
  • NO head gear or hoods